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Daniela Andrier, one of the world’s most innovative and respected perfumers, deconstructs precious and traditional ingredients to create a surprising fragrance for Tiffany.

Photographs by Frederik Vercruysse

To establish the bond between a brand and a perfume is poetic. What I had in mind when working on Tiffany’s fragrance was to make something that has a radiant light to it—like a beautiful stone that you wear. I wanted to embrace the values of the brand: love, elegance, creativity and modernity.

The scent is a sparkling floral musk, a contemporary take on highly precious ingredients of traditional haute perfumery. The process of creation is very intuitive. I realized after the fact that my first choice, iris, was both the most expensive ingredient in perfumery, and almost faceted—like a gemstone. We introduced a unique version of iris, developed exclusively for Tiffany. We were able to strip away certain elements, keeping only its pure, bright and sensual side.

I combined this with other new and refined musk and floral ingredients, which were crafted to bring out a personality very different from their traditional essences. The use of these exclusive materials, combined in an artisanal way, is a beautiful mix of tradition and modernity. It allowed us to create something timeless that smells unlike anything that’s come before.